According to the National Summit on America’s Silent Epidemic, every 29 seconds another student gives up on school, resulting in more than one million American high school students who drop out every year.


Approximately 1.2 million Tennesseans over the age of 18 do not have a high school diploma or GED.  Source– (Jeremy Hiedt’s “What Tennessee Gains by Dropping the Dropout Rate” in the Nashville Business Journal on May 20, 2005).


21% of Tennesseans over the age of 18 cannot read well enough to fill out an application, read a food label, or read a simple story to a child. Source– (National Institute for Literacy’s Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System).

Description of the EEOG

EEOG,the Education Equal Opportunity Group, is a collegiate and professional career preparatory program for underserved students of various academic levels during high school, 9th-12th grade.  EEOG’s mission is to encourage under-represented students to become public servants and effective leaders. EEOG’s goal is to develop the students’ academic skills, behaviors, and attitudes to promote academic success.

EEOG is committed to identifying emerging high school student leaders and providing them opportunities to increase their knowledge of what it takes to succeed in business.  EEOG focus areas include exposing select students to the multiplicity of careers in the private sector, and providing them opportunities to meet, hear and interact with top industry leaders. The overarching goal of the program is to help create positive pathways to success for students from challenging backgrounds by exposing them to individuals and experiences that can help change the current trajectories many currently face. We provide leadership training and development to over 10,000 public high school students. To date, 95% of EEOG’s Leadership Scholars have graduated from public high school and 86% have graduated with honors. Our motto, “Think, Lead and Serve! Is put into practice as we encourage students to think big, lead efficiently, and serve with gratitude.

Founded in 2001, EEOG serves approximately 1,500 students or “scholars” in across the State of Tennessee from Mountain City to Memphis. Our budget is quarter of million dollars and there is a current staff of four. With the assistance of 300 volunteer mentors. The EEOG is dedicated to assisting underserved students through our mentoring and leadership programs that focus on inspiring and empowering today’s youth to better utilize the educational and economic opportunities available to them. The EEOG also provides financial support to high school and college students to promote aspirations, self-confidence and talent among students. Since 2002, the EEOG has raised over two million dollars for public high school students to participate in the EEOG leadership programs.

Annual Project Save-A-Student Leadership and Training Conference

The primary objective is to provide students with alternative learning opportunities that are not presented in the traditional school curriculum. The conference is a three-day retreat to provide students with confidence, practical knowledge and self-development tools that will help them succeed academically and in life.

EEOG Summer Youth Leadership Program

The primary focus of our EEOG Summer Youth program is designed to provide college bound high school students with a two week, leaning opportunity to explore the banking industry, learn basic coding as well as learn conversational Spanish.

Educational Speaker Series

This is an exciting ten-month series, offered through a four hour monthly sessions, to help students maximize their potential. Participating students develop a comprehensive action plan identifying academic, professional, and personal goals, including timelines for achievement.

The Annual Fundraising Gala

The EEOG’s Annual Fundraising Gala is an opportunity to honor students for their academic achievements, to recognize donors, and to thank our volunteers. Participants have an opportunity to network with peers and the emerging student leaders. The Gala is a motivating force for students and also teaches the importance of dressing appropriately to make a good first impression.